General Information and Policies

​Updated June 2021, Salon Re-Entry and Regular Business Policies

1. This is a smoke-free environment

2. Clients agree to schedule all appointments TIMELY and come with hair clean 24 hours before the appointment

3. Payment in-full is due PRIOR for all new establishments and transfer client appointments 

4. Please arrive on time. If you arrive early please remain in your vehicle until your scheduled time

5. No negative or disparaging discussions via social media etc about the businesses in-network or it's owners are tolerated

6. The Loc Network and the businesses in-network reserves the right to take photographs/videos of all work (no monetary compensation shall be paid)

7. Accepted forms of payments include (but are not limited to) Cash, Credit/Debit, or Money App Services

8. If ill, please cancel all appointments timely and reschedule when symptom free 24-48 hours

9. Please do NOT bring uninvited guests or children who are not being serviced to your appointment

10. We reserve the right to make changes to all prices, terms and business policies without notification

Various Loc Choices

*Interlocking is a method that uses a tool to place the hair into a weaving pattern allowing it to lock without using excessive twisting or products*

Chart Modified from ~Vanity Hair Studio NYC~

Sisterlocks© &


Technique: Interlocking

Tools: Sisterlocks© Tool

Features: Distinct parting grid, small and lightweight locs, maximum styling

Maintenance: apprx 4-6 weeks. Retightening of new growth with tool. No products or extensions used

Interlocks,  Microlocks & Instalocs


Technique: Interlocking/Crocheting

Tools: Various (Easy Loc Tool, Nappy Loc Tool, Flexi-Loc Tool, Crochet Needle etc)

Features: Appears similiar to the Sisterlocks system or matured locs with generic parting and various (larger) sizing (cost effective option) 

Maintenance: apprx 5-10 weeks depending on size. Retightening of new growth with tool. No products are used

Palm Rolled Traditional Locs

Senior Architect

Technique: Palm Roll

 Tools: Comb, Hands, and loc products

Features: Larger sizes and less locs. Locs look more rounded and can be started by coils or twists

Maintenance: apprx 2-4 weeks. Roots are retwisted by hand and a loc product (and clips) are used for holding.

Interlocked Traditional Locs

Senior Strategist

Technique: Interlocking

Tools: Various ( Hands, Easy Loc Tool, Nappy Loc Tool, Flexi-Loc Tool, Crochet Needle etc)

Features: Variety of sizes. Great for "difficult to loc" hair textures. Locs have a more "braid stitch" type pattern initially. Can be started by twists, braids or interlocking

Maintenance: apprx 8-12 weeks. Retightening of new growth with tool. No products are used